Online Notarization Approved

Online Notarization Is Here

Online notarization is fast and easy. This means that any document that needs the signature of a notary may now be notarized over the internet. A webcam or a smart phone along with a valid identification (Texas driver’s license or ID) is all that is required. No need to leave your home or place of business. It’s convenient, safe and secure.

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Here’s How it Works



Upload and Pay

A simplified form takes all the basic contact information from each signer, including an email address. This is where you upload the document that needs to be notarized. Make sure all the necessary form fields are filled out, except the signatures at the bottom. You will be prompted to select a form of payment either using your Credit/Debit Card or via PayPal.

Check Your Inbox


Check your Inbox

Once your payment has been processed, check your inbox. An email with a link will be provide to start the live signing session. Everyone signing the document must be online to begin the signing process.

Webcam Identity Check


Webcam Identity Check

Every person signing the document must prove their identity. Providing a driver’s license, state issued identification card or passport may validate a signers identity. This ID must be valid in order to qualify for an e-notarization.

Digital Signatures


Digital Signatures

This is where the document is signed digitally. Using the signing session link, you will be prompted to sign your name and/ or provide initials.

Document Notarized


Document Notarized

Once all the live session steps have been completed. Each person signing the document will receive a copy of the notarized document. You may print or save the document for safe keeping.

Online Notarization Complete

It’s that easy. Are you ready to get started? All you have to do is fill out the form, upload and pay.

Let’s Get Started